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Welcome to the website

Main sections

  • Computing : about useful tools for software development, and software from the Epeios project,
  • blog : news about the content of this site.
  • the Epeios project : a research project in computer engineering.
  • some music pieces I'm worked on.


Most programs proposed here are licensed under AGPL, and available for GNU/Linux (and other POSIX-compliant OSes), OS X and Windows, natively on IA-32, AMD64 and ARM (both AArch32 and AArch64) compatible architectures.

  • The Atlas toolkit: libraries for writing web and desktop UI for Java, Node.js, PHPwithout the need of any framework. Here's the preview of the application from the TodoMVC project made with the Atlas toolkit:

TodoMVC preview

  • Some programs :
    • XPPq : an XML preprocessor ; transforms an XML file following included dedicated directives related to file inclusion, macro definition/expansion, variable setting/testing…,
    • xdhdq : a demonstration of the XDHTML technology, used to develop applications, both native an web, with an user interface based on HTML technologies, but coded in C++ instead of JavaScript.
  • sections :
    • CLI tools : section dedicated to the tools (programs with a command-line interface, not tied to an application) based on the Epeios framework,
    • GUI apps : section dedicated to applications (software with a graphical user interface) based on the Epeios framework.


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