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Native software solutions

Web interfaces differently

I'm the designer and lead developer of the Atlas toolkit (, a new and very easy way to handle web interfaces.

Here's a preview of the application from the TodoMVC project made with the Atlas toolkit:

TodoMVC preview

For a live demonstration:

You need native code

For your developments in:

  • Java,
  • Node.js,
  • PHP,
  • … (other languages under development),

if you need better performances, a better use of the system resources, or if the available software libraries (also named packages, extensions, modules, addons… depending the language you use) does not meet your needs, you should know that, unlike most of the Java, Node.js, PHP… developers, I will design and develop the software components that exactly meet your needs because they will be native.

This components will absolutely not differ from the standard libraries provided with the language you use, as the core of this libraries are also native code.

Being one of the rare people, in the world, to work on this type of components, contact me via this form to discover how these native components will boost your developments.

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