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Miscellaneous about computing

TCP ports repartitions

  • Well-known ports (0 to 1023),
  • registered ports (1024 to 49151),
  • dynamic, private or ephemeral ports (49152 to 65535).

The Epeios related software uses ports 53700 to 53799.

Sharing 'Linux' folder to 'Windows'

Under 'Linux'

  • Install samba,
  • smbpasswd -a <username> (<username> seems to need to be an existing login, despite what can be found in some documentation),
  • add following section in /etc/samba/smb.conf :
path = /home/<user_name>/<folder>
available = yes
valid users = <username>
read only = no
browsable = yes
public = yes
writable = yes
  • relaunch samba (service smbd restart).

Under 'Windows'

In the file explorer, type \\<host>\<name> (<name> is the same name as the one given in the above section.

'ssh' on same server but different OSes

When you try to connect with ssh on a machine with more then one OS (a tablet which can be boot under Windows or Android, for example), ssh will complain, or even forbid the connection when you switch the target machine from one OS to another.

One solution is to share the same key between both OSes.

The other solution is to connect to one OS, then comment out the concerned line in the known_hosts file, the connect to the other OS, end finally uncomment the previously commented line in known_hosts. You can no connect to the 2 OS and ssh will no more complain.


To scan local network : nmap -sP (ip a for local address).

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