'Java' version of 'XPPq' (xppq-java')

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This Java component provides an XML parser and preprocessor.


See installation.

As indicated, to use this component, you also need the JREq wrapper.


If you want to test, launch java XPPqTest.


xppq-java provides an XML pull-parser .

You will find an example of use of the parser here.

XPPqParser is the parser, and XPPqData contains information about each token that the parser encounter.

The preprocessor

Preprocessor is a stream providing XML data which takes a stream containing XML data. So, if you have a method which takes a stream containing XML data, such as the parser above, you can insert the preprocessor between them.

Here is an example of a method which parses a file containing XML data, and here the same method processing the same data once preprocessed.

The only difference is that you have parse( new fileName ) ); for the first method and parse( new XPPqPreprocessor( new fileName ) ) ); for the second.


See XPPq.

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