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'ODROID-SHOW2' device


Parameter Value
Bauds 500000
Parity None
Data bits 8
Stop bits 1

All other parameters are OFF.

Under 'Windows'

Under Windows, to configure the serial port correctly, launch mode com<n> 500000,n,8,1, where <n> is the serial port number (launching mode displays the available ports).

It seems that above command sets some parameters to ON, but it seems not to matter…

Under 'GNU/Linux'

Under GNU/Linux, to set the parameters for this device, launch stty -F /dev/ttyUSB<n> 500000.

Firmware compilation

:!: Following instructions concern the Arduino IDE.

  • First, launch git clone in a console,
  • Click on ODROID-SHOW/show_main/show_main.ino (should have be created by above command) ; this should launch the Arduino IDE,
  • File/Preferences/Settings/Sketchbook location: : set it to the above ODROID-SHOW directory,
  • Sketch/Import Library/Add Library…/: point to above ODROID-SHOW directory.
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