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New release of the 'Node.js' version of 'XPPq'

XPPq is an XML preprocessor, also available as Node.js addon (xppqnjs), which also includes an XML parser.

  • Adding the DONE tag for the parser, indicating that the data are totally parsed,
  • adding a file (runkit.js) containing a script used for the online testing of the addon on Runkit.
Wed Sep 13 12:39:33 2017 (13/09/17) · Claude SIMON

Introducing new native software solutions for 'Node.js'


  • NJSq, an addon wrapper for Node.js,
  • an implementation of XPPq using NJSq, an XML parser and preprocessor, as a Node.js addon.
Fri Sep 1 14:23:05 2017 (01/09/17) · Claude SIMON

New version of 'node-xppq', the Epeios XML preprocessor and parser for node.js

The v0.1.3 of node-xppq, the Epeios XML preprocessor and parser addon for node.js, is available. It introduces a node.js compliant error handling for both the parser and the preprocessor, and also fixes this issue.

This new version is available here.

Tue Mar 7 18:08:54 2017 (07/03/17) · Claude SIMON

The Epeios XML preprocessor and parser now available as 'Node.js' component

Introducing a series of Node.js C++ based addon, the Epeios XML preprocessor is now available to Node.js developers. You will find the corresponding package at, meaning that it can be installed with npm install xppq. This package also provide an XML parser.

Tue Feb 28 06:30:47 2017 (28/02/17) · Claude SIMON

The Epeios Meta Mail Agent ('mmuaq'): the 'IMAP' protocol

After partially implementing the POP3 protocol, this new release implements now the IMAP protocol. The mmuaq help development tool has new commands related to the IMAP protocol. The application can be found here.

Tue Jan 31 11:40:15 2017 (31/01/17) · Claude SIMON
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