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Welcome to the website

Main sections

  • Computing : about useful tools for software development, and software from the Epeios project,
  • blog : news about the content of this site.
  • the Epeios project : a research project in computer engineering.


Most programs proposed here are licensed under AGPL, and available for GNU/Linux (and other POSIX-compliant OSes), OS X and Windows, natively on IA-32, AMD64 and ARM (both AArch32 and AArch64) compatible architectures.

  • The Atlas toolkit: libraries for writing web and desktop UI for Java, Node.js, PHP..
  • Some programs :
    • XPPq : an XML preprocessor ; transforms an XML file following included dedicated directives related to file inclusion, macro definition/expansion, variable setting/testing…,
    • xdhdq : a demonstration of the XDHTML technology, used to develop applications, both native an web, with an user interface based on HTML technologies, but coded in C++ instead of JavaScript.
  • sections :
    • CLI tools : section dedicated to the tools (programs with a command-line interface, not tied to an application) based on the Epeios framework,
    • GUI apps : section dedicated to applications (software with a graphical user interface) based on the Epeios framework.


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